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Safed Musli benefits, uses and side effects.

Safed Musli benefits, uses and side effects.

Safed Musli is a rare herb used mainly in treatment for male potency in Ayurveda & Unani. It is a herb with lanceolate leaves found in tropical wet forests in peninsular India.

Safed Musli Benefits:-

Shwet Musli has many benefits and used in Ayurvedic practice and is commonly used in male sexual problems such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, wet dreams or nightfall, etc. It also helps to overcome the sign of fatigue and is useful in the treatment of diabetes and arthritis.

How Safed musli work?

Shwet musli mainly works on Vata dosha and pitta dosha. It pacifies aggression of Vata and pitta, however, it increases Kapha dosha so it should not be used in people with Kapha aggravation and imbalance, therefore, musli powder is most suitable for individuals with Vata and pitta dominant symptoms.

Benefits of Safed Musli:-

1. Premature Ejaculation:- It’s a common male problem which is faced by every man in his lifetime in this men ejaculates quicker which to leads to disappointment and this musli can be used to cure this problem.

2. Erectile Dysfunctions:- Erectile dysfunction is an inability to sustain an erection to have sexual intercourse and this musli is commonly used for treating this male problem, it provides strength to penile tissue which helps to keep erection harder and longer.

3. Low Sprem count:- It’s a general problem these days of low sperm count or infertility. Low sperm count means less density of sperms in your semen which leads to infertility and this herb can use for increasing sperm count.

4. Night Falls:- Wet Dreams or Nightfall also known as Sapna/Swapan dosha in Hindi and it’s also a male problem in which men ejaculate semen during sleep.

5. Diabetes:- Safed musli has potent antioxidant and ant diabetic effects which can help to check in the blood sugar level.

6. Body Building:- These days musli also use for bodybuilding as it provides strength and physical endurance.

7. Increase Testosterone levels:- According to some studies safed musli can be used for elevating testosterone levels with modification in lifestyle.

8. Arthritis & joint pain:- Safed Musli has anti-inflammatory properties which reduces inflammation that occurs in joints. In Ayurveda, joints are a place of Sheshamaka Kapha. Safed musli mainly more effective in osteoarthritis

How to use Safed musli:-

  1. Take 1 Tbsp. (approx. 8 grams) safed musli powder in the morning and 1 in the evening along with milk or water. Having the powder with milk gives more result than powder with water.
  2. You can also add ashwagandha powder and Shatavari powder to this mixture.
  3. It is not specific but it best to take after 2 hours of the meal.

Side effects of Safed Musli:-

There are no notable side effects recorded yet it is well tolerated with most people and can be used regularly.


  1. Avoid/Minimize usage of lemon while having it as course.
  2. Pregnant women must take under Ayurveda doctor supervision.

Chemical composition:-

The tuberous Roots of musli herbs contains this nutrient and phytochemicals.

  1. Carbohydrates
  2. Protein
  3. Fiber
  4. Alkaloids
  5. Saponins

There are around 25 types of vitamins, alkaloids, and minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium. It also contains resins, polysaccharides, phenol, and mucilage content. This simple sugar also finds in musli roots like glucose, sucrose, fructose, galactose, mannose, and xylose.

Medicinal Properties:-

Safed Musli has the following medicinal properties:

  1. Antihyperlipidemic
  2. Antihyperglycemic
  3. Adaptogenic
  4. Alternative
  5. Erectogenic
  6. Tonic
  7. Antioxidant
  8. Antacid
  9. Immunomodulatory
  10. Adaptogenic
  11. Aphrodisiac
  12. Anticancer
  13. Cardioprotective
  14. Androgenic
  15. Anti-arthritic
  16. Tonic
  17. Anti-Inflammatory

FAQ about Safed Musli

Can High blood pressure patient use Safed musli?

Safed musli is safe for blood pressure patient as till now no issue is reported so yeah blood pressure patient can use safed musli.

Give gap between safed musli and any other medicine to avoid any type of interaction with safed musli.

Which is more preferable Safed musli powder or extracted capsule?

According to us, you must prefer in powder form as this form has not gone under any process and it more natural so it will contain more nutrients than the extracted form capsules. In capsule, you will get only main alkaloids wherein powder form you will get extra nutrient which will be beneficial for your body.

Is Safed musli beneficial for bodybuilding?

Yeah, These days safed musli is used for bodybuilding as it provides strength and physical endurance which will help to improve your quality workout.

Hair Care and Femininity – 8 Miracle Ingredients for Healthy Hair

We love pampering our hair! Be it a man or woman, hair care has become a vital part of our daily lives. The procedure for good hair care includes oiling, washing, conditioning, moisturizing and styling. Around 40% of our personality can be instantly improved through a good haircut. Every year people spend thousands over a good hair care regime, especially women. That’s why apart from shampoos, and conditioner, we have hair packs, hair softeners, hair smoothening rituals, hair massage oils, deep conditioner, heat protectant spray, texturizing spray and so on. Men too have their own share of products to spend on. Hair wax, styling cream, hair gel are some of the common ones found in the homes of every family these days.

The advent of the hair care industry was made possible through the glamorous birth of media. The global hair care market is now a multibillion-dollar industry and is still expanding at a steady pace.

The growing need for beautiful hair

The desire and demand for healthy, lustrous and manageable hair is a crucial drive that makes buying these products possible. Our needs to be appreciated and look exceptional is directly related to our buying choices. Words like ‘lustre’, ‘shine’, ‘healthy’, and ‘soft’ are triggers that call to our inner need to look presentable at all costs. And more often it costs a lot! But do we really get what we want out of it? Are the effects long lasting?

Hair Care and femininity: Why is it so important?

Most women see their hair as a symbol of freedom and beauty. Since childhood, it acts as a reflection of their identities, which is why a bad hair day is often equal to a bad day. We hear stories of brave women cutting off their hair for battle during the civil war. Stories where heads were shaved to shame women as punishment during the Battle of France in 1940. This shows to stand how much power we associate with one’s hair. Even now, women continue to express themselves through their hair. They style, change, have haircuts according to their moods. All this stands to prove that women have finally taken charge of their identity and bask in the freedom of their looks. It is both a personal and public need to express oneself, which is why hair care is still a central part of a woman’s daily concern. Yes. Daily!

Ayurveda – Going back to the ‘Roots’

History often boasts of stories where gorgeous women with foot length hair, walking by like a dreamboat. Have you ever wondered what they exactly did to sustain that amount of hair? With no trace of any conditioner bottle or hair smoothening packs, how did they manage to grow and maintain it? The answer is a simple and pocket-friendly one!
Since time immemorial, natural resources have been plucked from the earth to cater to man’s needs. Hair care is no different. Ayurveda is the oldest surviving medical system which promotes natural resources. Some of the best ingredients used to support the growth of healthy hair are Reetha, Amla, Shikakai, Bhringraj, Brahmi, Jatamansi, Kapoor Kachri and Methi Dana.

At AttarAyurveda we give you the chance to come back to the roots and give nature a try!
Where chemicals fail, natural ingredients are rediscovered to put an end to the root cause and the symptom.

8 Ayurvedic Ingredients for an Economical and Effective Hair Care Regime

1) Reetha – Found in temperate and tropical regions, reetha is an effective fruit for strengthening hair roots. Currently, side effects from using chemical based shampoos have escalated the sale of reetha. It is an economical choice and gives a gentle cleansing effect. It’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities removes dandruff and prevents hair loss.

2) Amla – One of the common hair problems is due to a deficiency in Vitamin C. Amla is an age-old favourite of Granmas all over the world. It provides relief from itchiness and prevents bald patterns. It also acts as an effective conditioner and provides intense shine after just one wash! Being high in iron and carotene, it stimulates hair growth and makes it squeaky clean to the touch. You can even consume it for better results.

3) Shikakai – You have definitely heard of this ingredient. Hair care industries these days are infusing their products with this wonder food to raise their sales! More and more consumers are becoming are of its powerful effect on hair roots. In the earlier days, shikakai used to be a common hair cleanser in every household. Rich in vitamin C and D, it is famous for adding shine and softness, fights dandruff, makes hair thicker, prevents dry scalp, removes hair lice and delays grey hair.

4) Bhringraj – Grown all over the world this herb has benefited tons of people with their hair problems. It helps in retaining the natural lustre of the hair, bringing it back to its healthier, original state. You can use it to cure common issues like baldness, receding hairline, dandruff, dryness and fizzy hair.

5) Brahmi – Rich in many biochemical compounds such as Brahmine, this creeping Ayurvedic herb is associated with curing many health problems. It nourishes the scalp and ensures healthy oil production. This reduces the amount of sebum, thereby preventing excessive hair loss. It also cures, itchiness and helps in preventing the formation of split ends and flakes.

6) Jatamansi – this herb is extensively used in Ayurvedic medicine for promoting hair growth. People suffering from less hair or excessive hair fall can use this for two weeks to see the difference. Apart from hair growth, it also makes hair silky and adds body, thereby making you look vibrant.

7) Methi Dana – Fenugreek is a herb which is dear to all. From delicious cuisines to effective hair foods, its qualities are used for many things. It makes a potent hair potion and has diverse effects on hair health. Extremely effective in strengthening hair roots, it can be used with coconut oil to maximize benefits. You can use this to make hair masks and conditioners too! It is effective in preventing grey hair, fighting dandruff, adding shine and preventing hair fall.

There is no arguing the fact, that we hold our manes dear and will pamper them at all costs. But what if the cure you have at home is damaging instead of healing them? At AttarAyurveda, we give you an economical and 100 times healthier option to treat your mane fairly. Hair is in fact, made up of dead cells, but you can nourish your ‘roots’ and ensure its improvement. After all, our bodies would rather feed on 100% natural resources than chemicals.

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7 unmatched benefits of Cardamom: The Queen of Spices

Herbs and spices are a healing miracle of nature. Before modern medicine took over, we could find these ingredients in every household. They helped in preventing various physical and emotional problems. Sage, cardamom, turmeric, cinnamon, basil, cayenne pepper, ginger root, are a few of the many spices found all over the world.


Origins of Cardamom

Also known as elaichi in India, cardamom is right to be named as the ’Queen of Spices’ because of its unique properties. Native to the subcontinent and Indonesia, it is also grown in the forests of Sri Lanka. We can also find it in most tropical places in Asia. The two main types of cardamom are the green and black cardamom. The former is found on a large scale in India and distributed to Malaysia. The latter, is native to parts Nepal, specifically the Eastern Himalayas and is cultivated in Eastern Nepal, Sikkim, parts of Bengal and Bhutan.


Relation to Ayurveda

The rich use of cardamom in Ayurveda has been practiced for centuries. Indians have widely used it, for its ability to balance all the three doshas in Ayurveda, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Regularly consuming it in small amounts is recommended since a large dose can cause imbalances in the body. Ayurveda does not limit this miracle spice only to consumption. In fact, cardamom essential oils are widely used in aromatherapies.


Medicinal properties

Research into nutrition and traditional medicine has resulted in a lot of positive evidence, linking this fantastic spice to impressive health benefits. Cardamom is a crucial ingredient in Tibetan medicine. It has been used in remedial preparations, designed to treat digestive issues, support healthy weight loss and cure diseases caused by an improper diet and lifestyle. Healers have often combined with it other herbs and spices to protect you from reactions. This is because the consumption of once single spice can cause undesirable side effects in the human body.

It also has its place in traditional Chinese medicine, where it was passed down as a solution for gum infections, lung congestion, inflammation and was even included in antidotes for poisonous venoms.



7 life saving benefits of cardamom

1) Firstly, it supports your cardiovascular system. Black cardamom balances your cholesterol levels by disbanding bad cholesterol, which eventually leads to a lower heart rhythm. It relieves the nerves around the heart thereby controlling hypertension. Too much vegetable consumption, especially among the elderly can increase the risks of a blood clot. Adding small amounts of cardamom to your diet, along with lemon water, helps to filter out toxins from your body


2) Secondly, it promotes oral health. Since the dawn of the age of marketing have allowed more and more sugary foods to pile up on our table. From a simple ketchup bottle to an extravagant Chinese dinner, everything has hidden sugars, hence more and more people end up having cavities. In the US children start developing cavities as early as the age of 7. Consuming crushed cardamom morning tea or just including it in your cooking, can fight bad breath and aching gums. It has anti-bacterial properties which stop further bacterial growth.

3) Thirdly, it improves digestion and promotes gastrointestinal health. Regularly including black cardamom in your diet stimulates the production of essential juices. This overtime controls stomach acid and strengthens digestion. This drastically brings down the chances of getting stomach ulcers, constipation, digestive disorders and the like. It also increases appetite while significantly getting rid of bloating.

4) Fourthly, It strengthens the respiratory system. Since ages people in India have used homemade remedies against infections and illnesses. The age-old ritual of having spice-infused milk or raw herbs can miraculously work on colds, sore throat, lung congestion and even asthma. Taking a pinch of crushed cardamom seeds and raw turmeric with warm milk can trigger the good bacteria your body and strengthen your immune system.

5) Fifthly, it boosts your immunity and detoxifies. Being rich in vitamin C and the essential mineral potassium, it helps getting rid of the infections. This in return removes harmful toxins from the body, thereby boosting immunity.

6) Sixthly, it acts as an aphrodisiac. In more than one culture all over the world, people have labeled cardamom as a powerful aphrodisiac.


7) Seventhly, it improves your hair and skin and texture. Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, cardamom fights skin allergies, infections, and even acne. Regular consumption will keep the toxins away, thereby improving blood flow, which leads to better skin regeneration and reduces hair fall. A good amount of massage with cardamom oil will energize the scalp and improve hair quality.

Emotional benefits or cardamom

Massages with cardamom essential oils goes a long way in alleviating the nervous system. People diagnosed with depression and anxiety can savor its rich aroma which revitalizes the senses and reduces stress. It calms the nerves during times which are overwhelming and soothes hypertension.


Each day we face new challenges and end up too stressed out to do anything else. After a long day at work help yourself to some tea with cardamom. A busy student preparing for his exams can consume or apply this spice to improve overall emotional well-being and boost positive attitude by treating nerves exhaustion. A few drops of cardamom essential oil with help you loosen up and reenergize. It will also boost your stamina and help you focus better at any projects. Even your boss or employee can benefit rom the properties of cardamom, so they can be driven at work.


1) Always check before using any product with has cardamom, to see you are allergic to it. Use a small amount first and consult the doctor if negative symptoms occur.
2) Do not consume too much cardamom a day. It can drastically heat up the body which may result in uncomfortable bowel movement and irritation
3) Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should not consume this as it might harm the fetus.
4) Do not consume cardamom if you are a gallbladder stone patient. The seeds can trigger stone growth.

The goal of getting healthy and staying healthy can be achieved through proper knowledge about what we consume. So stay fit and stay updated!

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5 important benefits of drinking green tea other than weight loss

If you are into diet and weight loss, you have undoubtedly heard about the miracle elixir that is popularly known to help melt away the pounds. Green tea is currently found in almost every urban household and is consumed by people of all ages. Originally consumed by the Chinese, it also has its roots in South East Asia. It was considered as a staple drink in China and celebrated as a healing beverage because of its positive effect on the five vital organs. There hasn’t been much of a difference in its current reputation. Even today, green tea is favoured as a healthy drink, with many restorative properties to its name.



Our body resists weight loss

Do you know why it is difficult for people to lose weight? It’s because we as humans beings were not built for it. Yes. There are several ways to lose a few kilos. Eating healthy food, consuming diet pills, working out, taking supplements, etc. But once you reach your goal it is almost impossible to keep the scale in check.
This is primarily because our bodies see weight loss as a threat. Losing body mass or fat is directly opposite to our body’s main purpose, which is focused on survival. We as animals need to keep a minimum amount of body fat for sustenance, as a result of which, keeping the weight off is almost impossible. If the calories start getting lower and lower, the body immediately stops all fat burning process.

So eating less, does not entirely help in losing kilos. 

This does not, however, mean that we get to eat all the cookies and candies we want. Too much-processed food shuts down all fat burning process and blocks out nutrient absorption. As a result of which, cakes turn into acne, french fries turn into a dull looking skin, and too many pizza and burgers turn into bad cholesterol. A diet full of essential veggies, healthy fat and unprocessed carbs are the way to cut down on both calories and visceral fat, which is the most dangerous kind.
Green tea and weight loss



Approved by nutritionists all over the globe, green tea is the queen of all healthy beverages. It is made from Camellia sinensis, which is a species of evergreen shrub. The tea is made from its leaves which have not undergone the process of oxidation. Black tea comes from the same shrub, but since it is oxidized (exposed to air) or fermented, it leaves behind a darker colour when brewed.

One or two daily cups of green tea can increase help to increase metabolism and flush out toxins. This enhances nutrient absorption which makes you feel lighter, hence reducing stress.



5 incredible things green tea does for your body

1) Firstly, it balances cholesterol levels. Over the years people have demonized ‘cholesterol’, stating it bad for your health. But our body already makes a lot of cholesterol on its own. It’s the bad cholesterol we consume in the form of unprocessed carbs, protein and fat that is to blame. Eating fresh, organic vegetables and meats are a healthier choice and on top of that, adding at least 2 cups of green tea every day in between meals can do wonders for your health. It filters out toxins and free radicals from the body, enhancing its ability to absorb vitamins and minerals properly. This will leave the good cholesterol behind, leaving you invigorated and full for long hours.



2) Secondly, it lowers insulin secretion. How many times have you come across someone with insulin resistance? Thanks to the growing amount of processed food products in the market which often leads to overeating, the numbers are getting higher every year. Insulin resistance is a state where your cells don’t respond well to insulin, therefore your body makes more of it in the pancreas (because the body uses insulin, which is basically sugar, for energy). Think of it as a cloudy telephone network, where you cannot hear the other person properly, so you start shouting to be understood. This is a highly dangerous state which can lead to excessive weight gain and high blood pressure. Studies have shown that green tea extract can help in reducing insulin secretion, thereby preventing insulin resistance and a state of type 2 diabetes.

3) Thirdly, it prevents a pre-diabetic condition. Pre-diabetics are prone to develop insulin resistance, obesity and high blood pressure due to large amounts of insulin in their body. Consuming green tea can prevent this by enhancing the body’s ability to metabolize sugar.



4) Fourthly, it controls obesity. Nutrition is key to a healthy living, yet every year we see dozens of fast food chains opening up. Food becomes an emotion people like to indulge in, without realizing what they are putting in their bodies. However small changes can lead to big benefits. Adding two cups of green tea, especially unfiltered green tea extracts can significantly reduce cravings and help you feeling light. Along with physiological effects, it can boost mood and have a positive effect on daily habits.

5) Lastly, it destroys cancer cells. One has to know that living healthily goes beyond weight loss. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols are known as catechins. Epigallocatechin-3-gallate is the most important catechin because it is present in large amounts. Cell abnormalities in the body can lead to tumours and even the production of cancer cells. This particular anti-oxidant repairs cells and reduces the cellular levels of a particular protein called D1, which is needed by the cancer cells to grow.



Add green tea to any diet to see better results

Low carb, Paleo, Keto, Juicing, adding green tea to any diet will only enhance its effect. If you are into intermittent fasting, go for it. Green tea is on the recommended list of drinks that you can consume while on a fast.


1) Be sure to not overdo it. Green tea does not have large amounts of caffeine like coffee so drink it moderately as recommended. Consuming more than the recommended amount in a day can cause an irregular heart rate, dizziness, convulsions, headaches, vomiting nervousness, sleep problems and other side effects.
2) Taking green tea with other drug stimulants can speed up the nervous system, increase blood pressure
3) Avoid taking the tea in pill form. If you do, don’t go above the recommended dosage. Switch to green tea extract or tea leaves

So next time you are at a grocery store, avoid the soda aisle and reach for a packet of green tea. Your healthy living begins there!

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