Hair Care and Femininity – 8 Miracle Ingredients for Healthy Hair

We love pampering our hair! Be it a man or woman, hair care has become a vital part of our daily lives. The procedure for good hair care includes oiling, washing, conditioning, moisturizing and styling. Around 40% of our personality can be instantly improved through a good haircut. Every year people spend thousands over a good hair care regime, especially women. That’s why apart from shampoos, and conditioner, we have hair packs, hair softeners, hair smoothening rituals, hair massage oils, deep conditioner, heat protectant spray, texturizing spray and so on. Men too have their own share of products to spend on. Hair wax, styling cream, hair gel are some of the common ones found in the homes of every family these days.

The advent of the hair care industry was made possible through the glamorous birth of media. The global hair care market is now a multibillion-dollar industry and is still expanding at a steady pace.

The growing need for beautiful hair

The desire and demand for healthy, lustrous and manageable hair is a crucial drive that makes buying these products possible. Our needs to be appreciated and look exceptional is directly related to our buying choices. Words like ‘lustre’, ‘shine’, ‘healthy’, and ‘soft’ are triggers that call to our inner need to look presentable at all costs. And more often it costs a lot! But do we really get what we want out of it? Are the effects long lasting?

Hair Care and femininity: Why is it so important?

Most women see their hair as a symbol of freedom and beauty. Since childhood, it acts as a reflection of their identities, which is why a bad hair day is often equal to a bad day. We hear stories of brave women cutting off their hair for battle during the civil war. Stories where heads were shaved to shame women as punishment during the Battle of France in 1940. This shows to stand how much power we associate with one’s hair. Even now, women continue to express themselves through their hair. They style, change, have haircuts according to their moods. All this stands to prove that women have finally taken charge of their identity and bask in the freedom of their looks. It is both a personal and public need to express oneself, which is why hair care is still a central part of a woman’s daily concern. Yes. Daily!

Ayurveda – Going back to the ‘Roots’

History often boasts of stories where gorgeous women with foot length hair, walking by like a dreamboat. Have you ever wondered what they exactly did to sustain that amount of hair? With no trace of any conditioner bottle or hair smoothening packs, how did they manage to grow and maintain it? The answer is a simple and pocket-friendly one!
Since time immemorial, natural resources have been plucked from the earth to cater to man’s needs. Hair care is no different. Ayurveda is the oldest surviving medical system which promotes natural resources. Some of the best ingredients used to support the growth of healthy hair are Reetha, Amla, Shikakai, Bhringraj, Brahmi, Jatamansi, Kapoor Kachri and Methi Dana.

At AttarAyurveda we give you the chance to come back to the roots and give nature a try!
Where chemicals fail, natural ingredients are rediscovered to put an end to the root cause and the symptom.

8 Ayurvedic Ingredients for an Economical and Effective Hair Care Regime

1) Reetha – Found in temperate and tropical regions, reetha is an effective fruit for strengthening hair roots. Currently, side effects from using chemical based shampoos have escalated the sale of reetha. It is an economical choice and gives a gentle cleansing effect. It’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities removes dandruff and prevents hair loss.

2) Amla – One of the common hair problems is due to a deficiency in Vitamin C. Amla is an age-old favourite of Granmas all over the world. It provides relief from itchiness and prevents bald patterns. It also acts as an effective conditioner and provides intense shine after just one wash! Being high in iron and carotene, it stimulates hair growth and makes it squeaky clean to the touch. You can even consume it for better results.

3) Shikakai – You have definitely heard of this ingredient. Hair care industries these days are infusing their products with this wonder food to raise their sales! More and more consumers are becoming are of its powerful effect on hair roots. In the earlier days, shikakai used to be a common hair cleanser in every household. Rich in vitamin C and D, it is famous for adding shine and softness, fights dandruff, makes hair thicker, prevents dry scalp, removes hair lice and delays grey hair.

4) Bhringraj – Grown all over the world this herb has benefited tons of people with their hair problems. It helps in retaining the natural lustre of the hair, bringing it back to its healthier, original state. You can use it to cure common issues like baldness, receding hairline, dandruff, dryness and fizzy hair.

5) Brahmi – Rich in many biochemical compounds such as Brahmine, this creeping Ayurvedic herb is associated with curing many health problems. It nourishes the scalp and ensures healthy oil production. This reduces the amount of sebum, thereby preventing excessive hair loss. It also cures, itchiness and helps in preventing the formation of split ends and flakes.

6) Jatamansi – this herb is extensively used in Ayurvedic medicine for promoting hair growth. People suffering from less hair or excessive hair fall can use this for two weeks to see the difference. Apart from hair growth, it also makes hair silky and adds body, thereby making you look vibrant.

7) Methi Dana – Fenugreek is a herb which is dear to all. From delicious cuisines to effective hair foods, its qualities are used for many things. It makes a potent hair potion and has diverse effects on hair health. Extremely effective in strengthening hair roots, it can be used with coconut oil to maximize benefits. You can use this to make hair masks and conditioners too! It is effective in preventing grey hair, fighting dandruff, adding shine and preventing hair fall.

There is no arguing the fact, that we hold our manes dear and will pamper them at all costs. But what if the cure you have at home is damaging instead of healing them? At AttarAyurveda, we give you an economical and 100 times healthier option to treat your mane fairly. Hair is in fact, made up of dead cells, but you can nourish your ‘roots’ and ensure its improvement. After all, our bodies would rather feed on 100% natural resources than chemicals.

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Let your ‘roots’ breathe!

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