10 Amazing benefits of Lemon on health

10 Amazing benefits of Lemon on health

Lighten Nails. As we age, our nails start to yellow. Reverse that by soaking your nails in a cup of water and the juice of 1 lemon. Soak for a few minutes and rinse.

Elbow and knee bleacher: If your elbow and knee are darker than your skin color the cut a fresh lemon in half and scrub it on them . It works like a magic.

Teeth whitener and strengthener : Make a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice and apply this on your teeth with your fingertips and then use tooth to scrub your teeth and rise . You will start seeing result within 2-3 uses

Helps in weight loss :  It is seen that drinking lemon , honey and hot water in the morning helps in loss of body weight by removing toxins from your body and starting a cleansing action in your body.

Prevention of heat stroke :  It is seen drinking lemonade in summer prevents your body from heat stroke .

Aids Digestion : Lemon increases your saliva and digestive juice secretion which also result in increase in digestion.

Lemon juice is diuretic :  Lemon juice has diuretic action on our body which results into flushing out excessive waste and toxins out from the body and leads to purification of our systems.

Boosting the immune system : Lemon contains vitamin c and other antioxidants which help to strengthen your immune system and helps you to stay fit and healthy.

Treatment for kidney stones : As lemon juice is diuretic it promotes the formation of urine as a result it in help in removal of kidney stones by crushing it into small pieces which are easily removed from the body by itself .

Burns: Application of lemon juice on the site of old burns can help fade the scars, and since lemon is a cooling agent, it reduces the burning sensation on the skin when you currently have an irritating burn.

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