Why should I drink plenty of water ?

Why should I drink plenty of water ?

Water is one of the three major components essential for Human Life on earth.  Also, the human history says most of a civilization started near the major rivers of that time. This shows how much water is important to human life to survive. Water is needed for a body proper functioning .

Water makes up about two thirds of who we are, and influences 100 percent of the processes in our body

Health Benefit of water on our body

1.  Drinking Water Helps Maintain the Balance of Body Fluids –

Our body is composed of 60%, which is required to maintain all vital functions of our body.It is required for saliva secretion, various enzyme secretions, in body fluid like blood to maintain blood pressure and many other systems of the body .When you are low on the fluid , the body triggers the thirst mechanism.

2. It can improve your mood –

Drinking plenty of water refreshes you making your mood better. It is seen that even mild dehydration generally has a negative impact on your mood.

3. It Helps Keep Skin Looking Good –

Our skin contains a large amount of water. A small dehydration leads to dry skin and wrinkles. And also seen that cleans your skin by removing toxins by the process of sweating hence making your skin fresh and healthy and makes it glow naturally.

4. It keeps our kidneys working –

The Kidney is a vital organ of your body require to remove toxins from your body and maintain your blood pressure and many other life processes . Drinking less amount of water leads in increase work of your kidney by 4 folds which lead to many diseases and also drinking less water leads to the kidney stone .

5. It’s been linked to heart health –

People think there is no connection between heart disease and their water intake but it’s quiet wrong. In research, it is found that people who drink plenty of water daily were having less heart disease than people who drink the inadequate amount of water. It has a direct impact on your heart functioning , it is required for smooth functioning of your heart. As in condition of dehydration amount of your body fluid (Blood here) decreases which leads to more workload on your heart .

6. It’s a cure for constipation –

In this busy world, many of the people suffer from constipation in their daily life. Water is necessary for digestion drinking low amount of water leads to improper bowel moments results in constipation . So water is best medicine and prevention to chronic constipation

7. It could aid weight loss –

Researches have shown that drinking adequate amount of water increases your metabolism by 20%, which results in burning of excessive fat from your body. Also, according to Ayurveda drinking 1-2 glass of water before meal leads to weight loss by lowering your food intake .

8. It keeps your hair healthy and strong

Drinking plenty of water flush out toxins from your body, which leads to faster growth of hair and make them strong and shiny

9.It reduces chances of various types of cancer

It has been scientifically proven that more the fluid intake, lesser the chances of bladder cancer, which is even better with water. One logical reason could be that more frequent urination prevents build up of bladder carcinogens(cancer causing agents).

10.Maintains Body temperature

It maintains your body temperature to the optimum level by sweating in summers, keeping you cool whereas increases you metabolism in winter to raise body temperature.

11.Keeps your blood pressure in control

Yes, it’s true, Drinking water control your blood pressure by maintaining the fluidity of your blood as well as by expelling out toxic present in blood through urine.

How much amount of water should I Drink?

There is no exact answer to this question as the amount of your intake depends on external temperature as well as one’s daily activities. Still, we can answer this question by setting a range which includes drinking eight to ten 8-ounce glasses of water per day.

How to increase Daily Water intake ?

So your next question would be how can you increase your water intake . We have a simple solution to it .

1. First of all, you need strong will power.

2. Count your daily water intake.

3. Eat vegetables and fruit as they contain good amount of water.

4. Always carry a bottle with you when you go outside.

6. Avoid soda and soft drinks as they mainly contain sugar , drink water instead.

7. There are many apps available for your smartphone which helps to increase and track your daily water intake.

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