Compatible and Incompatible food products with Milk, their benefits and side effects

Compatible and Incompatible food products with Milk, their benefits and side effects

Milk is an Integral part of our diet. We all know that Milk is a complete meal and contains a high amount of proteins, calcium, vitamins, carbohydrate, and fats. Apart from just providing nutrition to the body, milk has a direct effect on complexion and capacity of our body. We all includes milk in various recipes involving different ingredients as well as consume it along various other food articles. But we need to understand that not all food articles go well with milk and when milk is clubbed with incompatible food articles, it loses its property to benefit the body, instead harms the system. First, let us look at few direct benefits of drinking milk daily.

Benefits of Drinking Milk daily

  1. Amazing Complexion
  2. Strong Teeth
  3. Healthy Bones
  4. Muscle Growth
  5. Weight Loss
  6. Reduce Stress
  7. Alleviate PMS Symptoms
  8. Energy Booster
  9. Heartburn Eliminator
  10. Disease Fighter

Compatible food articles with milk and their benefits

List of a few items given below can be consumed along with milk. These items are fully compatible and safe to take with milk and moreover, increases the effectiveness of milk.

Fruits like mango:  Milk, when taken along with mango, provides a high amount of energy in the body, it is good for eyes, maintains blood pressure as well as control acidity. One who is looking for weight gain, should take mango along with milk (make sure mango is not sour).

Ghee, honey, sugar: Ghee, honey or sugar along with milk is very good way to gain weight and muscle mass naturally. To gain muscles, ghee, honey or sugar along with milk should be followed by a high intensive workout.

Herbs like dried ginger, black pepper, cinnamon etc.: These herbs gives milk good taste and smell as well as are effective in various diseases such as common cold, regular headaches, indigestion. Black pepper with milk is a very good remedy for improving eye-sight.

Barley (jau): Barley is taken along with milk from ancient times in India. It keeps colon and Intestine healthy , prevents gallstones,  prevents osteoporosis, supports Immune system, preserves skin elasticity as well as manages diabetes.

Turmeric: Turmeric is a well-known remedy for relieving pain and swelling. A better species of turmeric known as Amba Haldi or Ban Haldi is specifically used in relieving pain, control swelling and is highly efficient.

Incompatible food items with milk

Below is the list of few food items which should never be taken along with milk. They neither destroy the beneficial nature of milk instead make it more harmful for the body by producing various toxins.

Fruits like jamun , banana, pomegranate or any citrus fruit : Citrus fruits when taken along with milk denature the protein inside the milk in our belly leading to indigestion, nauseated condition, and vomiting.

Oil, liquor, salty articles: Reaction between milk and oil or liquor salty items turns milk toxic which is very harmful to the body and leads to various diseases such as LEUCODERMA ( safed daag ), ulcer, other intestinal problems and various other skin problems.

Fish and meat: Never consume milk with non-veg food.

Green leafy vegetables, mustard, jackfruit, radish etc.

Milk is healthiest when taken in warm state.

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