You can either see your doctor OR try this way to banish acne forever!


Pimples can be frustrating, especially around important occasions. To make things worse, adolescent acne is not the only monster you should worry about. Adult and menopausal acne are equally stubborn to get rid of and are harder to keep at bay. This consequently results in a flaky skin over time and leaves behind scars which are hard to avoid.

Modern medicine might force it away temporarily. However, the antibiotics and synthetic vitamins prescribed, end up in causing a lot of side effects. This kills away our healthy gut bacteria and hence, we must choose something which is a safer and surer way to cure acne.



The secret to clear, flawless skin is rooted in the science of Ayurveda.

Firstly, this approach, unlike conventional medicine, gives us deep access into the root cause of all skin disorders. It understands that all problems are only symptoms of a much deeper issue lying underneath and aims to identify and fix it directly. Secondly, since the dawn of time, it has used the Earth’s own natural resources against various diseases, therefore it is 100% chemical free. This goes against the modern methods of curing acne, through cosmetics and synthetic antibiotics, which kills the good bacteria in the skin.



Ayurveda believes that everything in our existence is made of the five elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Space. In related terms, Vata is Air and Space, Pitta and Fire and Water and Kappa is Earth and Water. Therefore, every issue in the body can be directly traced back to these elements

Some common root causes of acne according to Ayurveda are:

1) Increase in harmful toxins in the body
2) Unhealthy lifestyle
3) Poor nutrition
4) Weak digestive system
5) Stress
6) High body fat percentage
7) Too much androgen or estrogen in the male and female body.

Such internal and external situations, end up enlarging the sebaceous gland which produces more oil. Eventually causing acne, dull skin, blackheads and whiteheads.

Ayurveda notes down these imbalances and perceives that a healthy standard of living can be the solution. Traditional Ayurvedic herbs like Manjistha, Vetiver Root, Anantmool, Indian Gooseberry, Tea Tree, Ashwagandha, Anjeer, Pure Rosewater, etc. are excellent in treating acne and giving you flawless skin, free from chemicals and free radicals.


Effective home remedies:

The cure to pimples can also be found in your kitchen cupboard. Simple concoctions made with honey, lemon, cinnamon, tea tree oil and aloe vera can drastically reduce inflammation and giving you a clear looking skin.

Consuming various types of teas like green tea, chamomile, peppermint, spearmint, hibiscus and tulsi can improve mood and fight breakouts. They are full of antioxidants and are anti-inflammatory in nature, which supports digestion, detoxifies and balances out hormones. Furthermore, rubbing potato slices or toothpaste can also help reduce the red swelling overnight if you’re looking for an urgent quick fix.

In conclusion, keep those stubborn pimples at bay and reap the benefits of an Ayurvedic way of life!

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