Why should you have Gond Laddu this winter?

Why you should have Gond Laddu this winter?

It is generally said to have Gond Laddu in winters, as they are told to be good for our health by our parents and grandparents. Let us see in detail what are these Laddu and why you should consume them in winters.

Gond Laddu contains natural edible gums. These gums are tasteless, odorless, and are water soluble sticky substance. These are extracted from the bark of the trees. These gums are then mixed with Dry fruits and desi ghee to form the Gond laddu.

Benefits of Gond Laddu

  1. It keeps the body warm from inside in the winters.
  2. These laddu strengths the bones and tissues as these are enriched with proteins, calcium, and magnesium.
  3. It lubricates the joints in the body which prevents Back pain, joint pain, etc.
  4. It improves body immunity as these are enriched with Fiber, good fats, and contains sufficient calories.
  5. It strengthens the body of the breastfeeding mother.
  6. Prevents body from seasonal viruses.
  7. Gond laddu prepared with Gud/Gur(jaggery) instead of sugar improves stamina.
  8. It is also good for improving eyesight.


Gond laddu are generally prepared from

  1. 250 grams Edible Gum (Gond)
  2. 250 grams Clarified Butter (Ghee)
  3. 300 grams Jaggery (Gud)
  4. 125 grams Almond
  5. 125 grams Cashew
  6. 100 grams dry grated Coconut
  7. 25 grams poppy seeds
  8. 25 grams dry ginger powder (sonth)
  9. 25 grams Peppramul powder
  10. 25 grams Saunf (Fennel Seeds)
  11. 25 grams Kali Mirch powder(black pepper)
  12. 25 grams Til (Sesame seeds)
  13. 25 grams Elichi seeds

How much to use

Natural edible gum (gond) keeps the body heat and warm. One Laddu contains around 200 Kcal. One should have 2 laddus every morning for the whole winter season. Overeating this laddu’s may result in indigestion.

How to prepare Gond Laddu

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