Your eyes give away your health. Here are 5 valuable ways to improve vision and maintain good eye health

The thing about eye health is, no one thinks it’s necessary until it’s too late.

Do you know why any doctor examines the eyes first? Why are eyes called ‘windows to the soul’? Why do ‘bright eyes’ seem attractive and ‘sad eyes’ evoke sympathy?

Every day, without even realizing it, we use our vision for much more than just ‘seeing’. From nervousness to nostalgia, they can describe hundreds of emotions and reveal every single health problem we didn’t even know we had.


The eyes say it all

A recently published study in the medical journal Neurology found out that any small changes in the blood vessels within the eyes can predict a significant loss of memory over the next two decades.

High blood pressure, diabetes, sexually transmitted diseases, cancers and even the chances of a potential stroke can be visible in the eyes. This is why our eyes are the first thing to be checked by the doctor. Our nerves and connective tissues can be easily viewed without any obstruction. The eyes can easily reflect the illness, carried by tissues which are inaccessible to the doctor.


Reaching the heart of the matter: The Ayurvedic way 

Every physical problem revolves around a much deeper complication. Cucumbers and eye massages might give a temporary relief, but they could not be further from the solution. A person’s eye health depends on many factors, most of which are internal. Fatty liver, too many grains, kidney problems, heavy sugar consumption, uneven medical history, genetic disorder, hidden tumours, brain aneurysm, an impending stroke are all serious health problems that go beyond vision.

The medicinal properties of Ayurveda have been used for generations to recognize and delay serious diseases before it creates critical imbalances in the body. Even in the age of modern medicine, this way of life stands out as chemical and toxin free. According to this science, every mental and physical problem is a symptom of a much deeper issue. Not only does it prescribe natural medicines but also arms us with certain disciplines which much be followed to create a better life.

It also helps in relieving stress on the mind, through its incredible methods of aromatherapy and yoga. Certain herbal and Ayurvedic herbs have the power of instantly boosting mood and promoting hormonal balance only through a quick whiff.  



Improving vision and maintaining good eye health

Now that we know the important role our eyes play, here are 5  ways to avoid glasses and maintain good eye health:

 1)   Firstly, wash your eyes on a regular basis if your job involves computers, writing, reading, etc. Regularly looking at a screen eventually dries out the eyes. Ever since technology has taken up all our time, our vision has been compromised. Even protective lenses can go so far to protect vision. They are built to protect the eyes from UV rays projected by mobile and computer screens but are unhelpful when it comes to internal strain. Hence, constant washing can give the eyes a break as well as help in getting moisture back into them.

 2)   Secondly, avoid caffeine and alcohol, especially before going to sleep. Alcohol is almost like a legal poison which we have introduced into our lives. From weight gain to serious heart diseases its disadvantages are many. Caffeine too is a stimulant, which over time creates neurological problems. People trying to give up these two, more often than not, face withdrawal symptoms like headaches, anxiety, restlessness and the like. Therefore, consuming them regularly can result in baggy or bloodshot eyes. These are again symptoms of a much more critical issue which is absent on the surface. On top, it, adopt a good diet and a healthy amount of exercise to ensure a perfect vision.

 3)   Thirdly, get high-quality sleep. Most people are bad sleepers, without any fault of their own. Human beings were not designed for anxieties induced by desk jobs, paying taxes and giving exams. We are animals and our basic needs are limited to food, procreation and security. The extra factors are an unconditional necessity which creates an imbalance with our adrenal gland. This leads to unpredictable anxiety and leaves us unable to sleep or enjoy every moment to its fullest.


Non-medicinal ways you can improve anxiety and sleep better:

 i)    Exercises, especially yoga helps with relaxation, flexibility, good posture, breathing and increases the happy hormones. Some effective poses to try before bed are child’s pose, hero pose, cat and cow pose, corpse pose, happy baby and the spinal twist pose.

ii)    Stop looking at all screens an hour before bed. The blue light from the screens subconsciously creates a daytime effect on our retinas, which takes a while get back to normal. Even bad news, stressful conversations and mail deadlines can cause panic and delay sleep for a long time

iii)    Catch the first sleep wave between 9 to 11 pm. Going to bed at this time will increase your chances of dozing off.

iv)    Sleep at least an hour after you eat. Going to bed with a full stomach can cause heartache and delay sleep. Your system at this time is still busy digesting which will result in an increased heartbeat and hence leave you tossing and turning in bed.

 4)   Fourthly, try a concoction of organic foods like Mamara Almonds, Fennel Seeds, Kuja Mishri and White Pepper and Triphala. Consuming these will eradicate a lot of intestinal issues, improve blood circulation and brain function which in return will restore healthy vision. You can shop our 100% genuine Eye Care Pack at

5)   Lastly, follow this once exercise to ensure vision effectiveness. To maintain perfect vision, proper care should be given before the eye starts losing its sharpness. Often, people are just given a set of glasses without any set of proper guideline to improve eye health. Therefore, we end up getting dependent on glasses until the problem escalates and we need a stronger prescription.

Therefore, a proper eye exercise can boost relaxation and give your eyes the much-needed treatment it deserves.

Let’s first understand why exercising your eyes is critical to maintaining good vision

Following make up the structure of the eyes:

1)    Cornea – This makes the outer layer of the eye and is clear to look at

2)    Iris – The defining colour which makes up the outer circle of the eyeball

3)    Lens – A critical part which helps us to focus on objects.

4)    Ciliary Muscle – Controls the shape of the lens and helps look both far off and at closer objects. It is central to maintain good eye health

Among these, the lens is probably the most important part of the eyes. But it’s the Ciliary muscle which helps control the lens.

This muscle’s job is alternative contraction and relaxation. It contracts when you see things close to you and relaxes as you gaze farther.


Get a dose of nature every day!

Looking at things which far away for at least an hour every day, improves eye muscle function and prevents loss of vision.

When was the last time you looked at a faraway tree? Or a bird? Or a cloud? Nowadays, most of our jobs revolve around objects close to us, especially our mobiles/laptops. The bad news is if you contract the ciliary muscle all day every day, slowly the eye’s lens will lose its effectiveness to the point where it will stop working. This will result in glasses.

To avoid this, simply go for a walk, preferably without a phone. Look at things in the distance. Spent at least 40 minutes to one hour just away from your phone/book and relax your eyes. This regular contraction and recovery will result in a smooth flow in the ciliary muscle, enabling you to push the stress away from your eyes.

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