‘Battisa Laddu’ – A blessing for Women’s Health

'Battisa Laddu' - A blessing for Women's Health

Generally, Women’s health get affected more frequently than men’s. Mainly in old age, after menopause, their bones starts weakening and leads to many other problems.

In such a case, Battisa Laddu , a home remedy made from various herbal medicines can be beneficial. These can be consumed by women of any age. These laddu’s don’t only strengthen the bones but also improves immunity.

Benefits of battisa Laddu:

Headache, Back pain, Weak bones, anemia, swelling in womb, Infections, Vaginal discharge (Shweta pradar)

This laddu strengthens the body and also provides vigor and vitality.



  1. Mix all ingredients except Wheat flour, Ghee, khopra and grind them.
  2. Now thoroughly mix Wheat flour in 2 kg Ghee.
  3. Hammer the gud (jaggery) and then heat it up with a little amount of ghee and mix it with the mixture of flour and ghee we prepared in the previous step.
  4. Now mix the mixture of powdered medicines we prepared in step 1 with the mixture prepared in step 3.
  5. Now add Coconut powder in it.
  6. You can also mix Badam(Almonds), Kaju(cashews), Kishmish(rasins) as per your taste.
  7. Now bind laddu of above mixture with your hands. Keep size appropriate, not too big, not too small.(Approx 25-35 grams each)

How to Use:

Age less than 15 or more than 75: 1 laddu every morning in breakfast

Else: 2 laddu’s every morning in breakfast

Take milk along with these laddu’s for maximum results.


These laddu’s are of hot nature and hence take more time to digest, so it is advised that pregnant women shouldn’t consume them.

Avoid sour, fried as well as non-fibrous eatables while consuming them.

Source – Rajasthan Patrika (21 Nov 2015)


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